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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We give you answers.

Are Trading Signals Free?

Trading signals providers may offer free signals channels. However, most of the profitable ones will have paid and VIP signals. You can always try getting the short-term subscription (generally one month) to understand whether this is going to be a good signals provider for you. Nonetheless, you can find some free groups with limited signals and information. Be aware that using these free channels may be very risky considering they would not be providing full information and you may lose important trades.

Should I Trust Trading Signals Providers?

Although we do not back any trading signals provider, you can see which are the trading signals groups that have the highest ranking in our site (check the stars they have). This should give you an idea of the quality of their signals and the information they are offering. You should always do your own due diligence and control. Don’t trust, verify.

What are Trading Signals Providers?

Trading signals providers are firms and groups of experts that provide trading signals. These signals will allow you to place a trade in a specific trading pair such as BTC/USD or EUR/USD. They will tell you when it will be a good moment to buy an asset or sell this asset. Once a trade is open, the team behind the signals will be finally closing the trade with a sell order that will be sent to you directly on Telegram or other platforms.

How Can I Know if a Trading Signals provider is legit?

The first thing you need to do is to check if the company has already been submitted to our site. If not, then you can provide the information to us and we will make a review and add it. You will get the most important information about it and it will definitely help you to make a decision on whether this is a good site or not. Take into consideration the period in which they were offering signals (for how long they have been working), the prices for their services, the number of users following them on social media and also whether there are positive reviews on the internet about them. You can also talk with the owners of the site to understand whether they are offering real services or they seem scammers.

What if I was Scammed by a Trading Signals Provider?

If you are scammed by a signals provider then you should immediately tell the community about it. You can certainly let us know and we will also warn other users. Remember to take screenshots of the scam and understand what happened before accusing signals providers.

Can I list my website here?

You can list your website here with us in just a few simple steps. You can contact us with your information, why you want to be part of our site, basic information about your business and we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. You can provide: - Business scope (Forex, crypto, stocks, all of them) - Proof of customers (how many customers you have) - Where you are offering your signals (Telegram, Twitter, Discord) - How long you have been operating - Price to get subscripted - All the additional information you want to add besides the aforementioned points

How Can I Find the Best Signals Providers?

SignalReviews is one of the best sites to get information about signals groups that provide trading information about forex, cryptocurrencies and the stock market. You can have the most accurate and valuable data and information related to the financial markets and how they operate. You will have reviews of the most popular trading signals providers, educational content, detailed information about the whole industry and any data you want to get. Our trusted site will be in charge of offering you some of the most valuable information you can have related to trading signals providers in the industry for you to avoid scammers and other stealers.

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